Source code conventions


The package follows the GNU build process, and uses autotools.

Source code is written in C.


The package is subdivided in modules. Source code, documentation and additional files for each modules are located in :

File / Directory Content
./src/<modulename>/<modulename>.c C source code
./src/<modulename>/<modulename>.h Function prototypes
./src/<modulename>/ Makefile input
./src/<modulename>/doc/ documentation
./src/<modulename>docdir/ extended documentation
./src/<modulename>/data/ module data file
./src/<modulename>/scripts/ high level scripts



Documentation is generated by doxygen from multiple sources:

  • pages.dox top-level menu
  • documentation files (<filename>.md) in doc/ directories
  • documentation contained in source code (.c and .h files)

Documentation files

File / Directory Github Doxygen Content
pages.dox X top doxygen menu (application specific) X top level github (application specific)
./doc/*.md X Generic documentation files
./docapp/*.md X Application specific docs
./src/doc/*.md X Generic documentation files
./src/<modulename>/doc/*.md X Module documentation files
./src/<modulename>/docdir/*.md Extended application documentation