AOloopControl_DM.h File Reference

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Data Structures



int init_AOloopControl_DM ()
static struct timespec time_diff (struct timespec start, struct timespec end)
static int make_master_turbulence_screen_local (const char *ID_name1, const char *ID_name2, long size, float outerscale, float innerscale)
static int AOloopControl_DM_createconf ()
static int AOloopControl_DM_loadconf ()
static int AOloopControl_DM_unloadconf ()
int AOloopControl_DM_disp2V (long DMindex)
int AOloopControl_DM_CombineChannels (long DMindex, long xsize, long ysize, int NBchannel, int AveMode, int dm2dm_mode, const char *dm2dm_DMmodes, const char *dm2dm_outdisp, int wfsrefmode, const char *wfsref_WFSRespMat, const char *wfsref_out, int voltmode, const char *IDvolt_name, float DClevel, float maxvolt)
int AOloopControl_DM_dmdispcomboff (long DMindex)
int AOloopControl_DM_dmtrigoff (long DMindex)
int AOloopControl_printDMconf ()
int AOloopControl_DM_dmdispcombstatus (long DMindex)
int AOloopControl_DM_chan_setgain (long DMindex, int ch, float gain)
int AOloopControl_DM_setvoltON (long DMindex)
int AOloopControl_DM_setvoltOFF (long DMindex)
int AOloopControl_DM_setMAXVOLT (long DMindex, float maxvolt)
int AOloopControl_DM_setDClevel (long DMindex, float DClevel)
int AOloopControl_DM_setTrigMode (long DMindex, int mode)
int AOloopControl_DM_setTrigChan (long DMindex, int chan)
int AOloopControl_DM_setTrigSem (long DMindex, int sem)
int_fast8_t AOloopControl_printDMturbconf ()
int AOloopControl_DMturb_createconf ()
int AOloopControl_DMturb_loadconf ()
int AOloopControl_DM_dmturboff (long DMindex)
int AOloopControl_DM_dmturb_wspeed (long DMindex, double wspeed)
int AOloopControl_DM_dmturb_ampl (long DMindex, double ampl)
int AOloopControl_DM_dmturb_LOcoeff (long DMindex, double LOcoeff)
int AOloopControl_DM_dmturb_tint (long DMindex, long tint)
int AOloopControl_DM_dmturb_printstatus (long DMindex)
int AOloopControl_DM_dmturb (long DMindex, int mode, const char *IDout_name, long NBsamples)
long AOloopControl_mkDM_TT_circle (char *IDoutname, long DMindex, long NBpts, float ampl)
long AOloopControl_DM_mkAstroGrid_seq (char *IDoutname, long DMindex, int XYmode, int bin, long NBcycle)

Function Documentation

int AOloopControl_DM_chan_setgain ( long  DMindex,
int  ch,
float  gain 
int AOloopControl_DM_CombineChannels ( long  DMindex,
long  xsize,
long  ysize,
int  NBchannel,
int  AveMode,
int  dm2dm_mode,
const char *  dm2dm_DMmodes,
const char *  dm2dm_outdisp,
int  wfsrefmode,
const char *  wfsref_WFSRespMat,
const char *  wfsref_out,
int  voltmode,
const char *  IDvolt_name,
float  DClevel,
float  maxvolt 
static int AOloopControl_DM_createconf ( )
int AOloopControl_DM_disp2V ( long  DMindex)
int AOloopControl_DM_dmdispcomboff ( long  DMindex)
int AOloopControl_DM_dmdispcombstatus ( long  DMindex)
int AOloopControl_DM_dmtrigoff ( long  DMindex)
int AOloopControl_DM_dmturb ( long  DMindex,
int  mode,
const char *  IDout_name,
long  NBsamples 
int AOloopControl_DM_dmturb_ampl ( long  DMindex,
double  ampl 
int AOloopControl_DM_dmturb_LOcoeff ( long  DMindex,
double  LOcoeff 
int AOloopControl_DM_dmturb_printstatus ( long  DMindex)
int AOloopControl_DM_dmturb_tint ( long  DMindex,
long  tint 
int AOloopControl_DM_dmturb_wspeed ( long  DMindex,
double  wspeed 
int AOloopControl_DM_dmturboff ( long  DMindex)
static int AOloopControl_DM_loadconf ( )
long AOloopControl_DM_mkAstroGrid_seq ( char *  IDoutname,
long  DMindex,
int  XYmode,
int  bin,
long  NBcycle 
int AOloopControl_DM_setDClevel ( long  DMindex,
float  DClevel 
int AOloopControl_DM_setMAXVOLT ( long  DMindex,
float  maxvolt 
int AOloopControl_DM_setTrigChan ( long  DMindex,
int  chan 
int AOloopControl_DM_setTrigMode ( long  DMindex,
int  mode 
int AOloopControl_DM_setTrigSem ( long  DMindex,
int  sem 
int AOloopControl_DM_setvoltOFF ( long  DMindex)
int AOloopControl_DM_setvoltON ( long  DMindex)
static int AOloopControl_DM_unloadconf ( )
int AOloopControl_DMturb_createconf ( )
int AOloopControl_DMturb_loadconf ( )
long AOloopControl_mkDM_TT_circle ( char *  IDoutname,
long  DMindex,
long  NBpts,
float  ampl 
int AOloopControl_printDMconf ( )
int_fast8_t AOloopControl_printDMturbconf ( )
int init_AOloopControl_DM ( )
static int make_master_turbulence_screen_local ( const char *  ID_name1,
const char *  ID_name2,
long  size,
float  outerscale,
float  innerscale 
static struct timespec time_diff ( struct timespec  start,
struct timespec  end