ImageStreamIO.h File Reference

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int_fast8_t init_ImageStreamIO ()
int ImageStreamIO_createSem (IMAGE *image, long NBsem)
int ImageStreamIO_createIm (IMAGE *image, const char *name, long naxis, uint32_t *size, uint8_t atype, int shared, int NBkw)
long ImageStreamIO_read_sharedmem_image_toIMAGE (const char *name, IMAGE *image)

Function Documentation

int ImageStreamIO_createIm ( IMAGE *  image,
const char *  name,
long  naxis,
uint32_t *  size,
uint8_t  atype,
int  shared,
int  NBkw 
int ImageStreamIO_createSem ( IMAGE *  image,
long  NBsem 
long ImageStreamIO_read_sharedmem_image_toIMAGE ( const char *  name,
IMAGE *  image 
int_fast8_t init_ImageStreamIO ( )