OptSystProp.c File Reference

Optical system propagation. More...


int_fast8_t init_OptSystProp ()
int OptSystProp_propagateCube (OPTSYST *optsyst, long index, const char *IDin_amp_name, const char *IDin_pha_name, const char *IDout_amp_name, const char *IDout_pha_name, double zprop, int sharedmem)
int OptSystProp_run (OPTSYST *optsyst, long index, long elemstart, long elemend, const char *savedir, int sharedmem)


DATA data
 System includes. More...

Detailed Description

Optical system propagation.

Propagate beam through optical systsm

O. Guyon
7 Jul 2017
No known bugs.

Function Documentation

int_fast8_t init_OptSystProp ( )
int OptSystProp_propagateCube ( OPTSYST optsyst,
long  index,
const char *  IDin_amp_name,
const char *  IDin_pha_name,
const char *  IDout_amp_name,
const char *  IDout_pha_name,
double  zprop,
int  sharedmem 
int OptSystProp_run ( OPTSYST optsyst,
long  index,
long  elemstart,
long  elemend,
const char *  savedir,
int  sharedmem 
[in]indexsystem index (usually 0)
[in]elemstartstarting element index
[in]elemendending element index
[in]savedirdirectory to which image results are saved
[in]sharedmem1 if WF* arrays should be kept in memory after use

*optsyst.elemkeepmem 1 if element complex amplitude should be kept in memory after use

discard element memory after used

Variable Documentation

DATA data

System includes.

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