linARfilterPred.h File Reference

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int_fast8_t init_linARfilterPred ()
long LINARFILTERPRED_LoadASCIIfiles (double tstart, double dt, long NBpt, long NBfr, const char *IDoutname)
long LINARFILTERPRED_SelectBlock (const char *IDin_name, const char *IDblknb_name, long blkNB, const char *IDout_name)
long LINARFILTERPRED_Build_LinPredictor (const char *IDin_name, long PForder, float PFlag, double SVDeps, double RegLambda, const char *IDoutPF_name, int outMode, int LOOPmode, float LOOPgain)
long LINARFILTERPRED_Apply_LinPredictor_RT (const char *IDfilt_name, const char *IDin_name, const char *IDout_name)
long LINARFILTERPRED_Apply_LinPredictor (const char *IDfilt_name, const char *IDin_name, float PFlag, const char *IDout_name)
float LINARFILTERPRED_ScanGain (char *IDin_name, float multfact, float framelag)
long LINARFILTERPRED_PF_updatePFmatrix (const char *IDPF_name, const char *IDPFM_name, float alpha)
long LINARFILTERPRED_PF_RealTimeApply (const char *IDmodevalOL_name, long IndexOffset, int semtrig, const char *IDPFM_name, long NBPFstep, const char *IDPFout_name, int nbGPU, long loop, long NBiter, int SAVEMODE, float tlag, long PFindex)

Function Documentation

int_fast8_t init_linARfilterPred ( )
long LINARFILTERPRED_Apply_LinPredictor ( const char *  IDfilt_name,
const char *  IDin_name,
float  PFlag,
const char *  IDout_name 
long LINARFILTERPRED_Apply_LinPredictor_RT ( const char *  IDfilt_name,
const char *  IDin_name,
const char *  IDout_name 
long LINARFILTERPRED_Build_LinPredictor ( const char *  IDin_name,
long  PForder,
float  PFlag,
double  SVDeps,
double  RegLambda,
const char *  IDoutPF_name,
int  outMode,
int  LOOPmode,
float  LOOPgain 

measure time

long LINARFILTERPRED_LoadASCIIfiles ( double  tstart,
double  dt,
long  NBpt,
long  NBfr,
const char *  IDoutname 
long LINARFILTERPRED_PF_RealTimeApply ( const char *  IDmodevalOL_name,
long  IndexOffset,
int  semtrig,
const char *  IDPFM_name,
long  NBPFstep,
const char *  IDPFout_name,
int  nbGPU,
long  loop,
long  NBiter,
float  tlag,
long  PFindex 

measure time

long LINARFILTERPRED_PF_updatePFmatrix ( const char *  IDPF_name,
const char *  IDPFM_name,
float  alpha 
float LINARFILTERPRED_ScanGain ( char *  IDin_name,
float  multfact,
float  framelag 
long LINARFILTERPRED_SelectBlock ( const char *  IDin_name,
const char *  IDblknb_name,
long  blkNB,
const char *  IDout_name